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Rebecca’s Books & Articles

FrontCover copyPublished Books

January 1, 2014 The Perfectly Trained Parrot, an extensive training guide, TFH Publications

February 2011 Lories and Lorikeets, A guide to owning and caring for finches, TFH Publications.

November 2009 Lift: A Falconry Memoir, an exploration of the first season training a peregrine falcon, Red Hen Press.

September 2008 Finches, A guide to owning and caring for finches, TFH Publications/Animal Planet

January 2007  A Parrot for Life, An instructional book for keeping pet parrots healthy and happy, TFH Publications.



Article Art copyPublished Magazine Articles

Articles available online from BirdChannel.com

Bird Talk Annual, :Train Your Parrot: Train these 3 basic but important behaviors.” 2013

BirdsUSA “Let’s Talk Parrots: Get the facts behind 10 common talking myths, ” Annual 2012

Bird Talk, “Rules of Engagement: Five rules for a happy parrot household,” November 2011

BirdsUSA, “5 Ways to Be a Better Parrot Owner,” Annual 2011

Birds Talk, “It’s Me or the Parrot,” May 2010

Bird Talk, “Giving Back: Is fostering right for you?,” March 2010.

Bird Talk, “Starting Over: Hitting the reset button on your relationship,” January 2010

Bird Talk, “Under Assault? Reward the Good, not the Bad, to Avoid the Ugly,” October 2009.

Bird Talk, “Tame to Train,” September 2009

Good Bird magazine, “Of Falcons and Parrots: Five ways being a falconer has made me a better parrot trainer,” Fall 2009.

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