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In Home Consultations

If you are a new parrot owner looking for direction, hoping to learn more about training your parrot, or trying to solve a behavior problem, Rebecca offers a limited number of in-home consultations.

  • $250 (plus mileage over 30 miles each way to your home from Banning, CA.)
  • The consultation includes two 45-minute phone consultations as a follow up.

Here is what to expect

Preparing for your consultation:

  • Email Rebecca to request a consultation.
  • Fill out and email back the consultation questionnaire.
  • Set aside your parrot’s favorite treats for training the day of the consultation, saving them for the training session.
  • Consider also pulling the parrot’s food bowl a couple of hours before the session so that she may have some interest in food that is offered.
  • Think creatively about things your parrot finds enjoyable. If there are certain toys, games you play and way you interact that your parrot finds positive, these interactions can work just as well as treats for rewards.
  •  If possible, have all family members who interact with the parrot present for the discussion and training session.
  •   Be aware that training sessions are brief. Most animals get distracted and stop participating if training sessions last more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Understand that nothing will be solved in one in-home consultation, but Rebecca will work to help you come up with a strategy to help you succeed in your goals in a reasonable time period.

During the Consultation:

Before interacting with your parrot, Rebecca will spend time with you discussing the following information:

–          Review questionnaire

–          Discuss challenges

–          Discuss level of training expertise

–          Discussion of housing, surroundings, challenges

–          Problem solving discussion

After reviewing your needs and challenges, Rebecca will do a training session with your parrot and talk you through the process. Every parrot is an individual and interest levels in participating may vary, but most  clients find this hands on demonstration extremely helpful.

–          Introduction to parrot(s)

–          Training session (level of interaction with Rebecca will depend on interest of the parrot for treats and/or attention)

–          Rebecca will talk you through a training session with your parrot, noting the specifics of reading body language, timing of rewards, time out from positive reinforcement.

–          If the parrot has enough interest, Rebecca may take breaks into between training to discuss and do several brief training sessions.

–          If the parrot is still engaged, Rebecca may talk you through a training session with your parrot as well.

After wrapping up the training session Rebecca will discuss motivation, techniques and discuss developing a training plan to help you manage behavior challenges.

What to Expect After Your Consultation

–          Rebecca will prepare and email you a training plan and notes on your session.

–          Rebecca will schedule your first of two 45-minute phone consultations, which are included in the fees.

–          Take notes on your daily training sessions and be prepared to share them during your phone consultation

–          Be patient. Training new behaviors and extinguishing undesirable behavior takes ongoing training, consistency and daily efforts.

–          Don’t take it personally. I promise that your parrot isn’t trying to “hurt your feelings” even I know it can be frustrating and we DO get our feelings hurt. Keep working at it. You WILL turn a corner!

–          Have fun. Don’t forget the reasons why we got parrots in the first place. They are smart, charming and wonderful animals. Look at training as a new way to enjoy this intelligence and renew your relationship.