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Daily Training/Boarding for Parrots

IMGP5206Rebecca offers a unique and inclusive training experience for limited and select clients in Southern California. Do you have a parrot that won’t step up, won’t load in a carrier, or isn’t socialized? Dealing with aggression issues? Board your parrot in Rebecca’s home for daily training sessions, care, and socialization. Let Rebecca do the training and help you maintain your parrot’s learned good behavior.

  • Flexible training plans based on your needs.
  • Ongoing and consistent daily training by Rebecca.
  • Multiple daily training sessions and ongoing household interactions.
  • Opportunities for socialization, short trips and new experiences.
  • Personalized behavior maintenance plans.

Rebecca offers training packages that range from basic desirable behavior (step up, play with toys, eat a healthy diet, load into a travel carrier etc) to veterinary and health training (toweling, nail clipping, accepting medications etc) to trick training (wave, turn, retrieve etc.)


Rebecca will only take a very limited number of screened clients into her home. Parrots require a health certificate that includes cultures, bloodwork, and a physical exam by an avian veterinarian. If think you might be interested the process is as follows:

  • (No Charge) Phone interview discussing the parrot, the household and possibilities for training.
  • ($250 + mileage over 25 miles) 2-hour consultation in your home, including training, advice, problem solving and evaluation, whether or not further training is agreed upon. If this meet & greet goes well and all parties remain interested, Rebecca will draw up a training plan and prepare for your parrot’s stay. Please note, this payment is due at the consultation and non-refundable.
  • ($950) 28-day boarding, care, 3 daily training sessions, progress reports and maintenance plan. If desired, Skype check-ins with parrot/Rebecca are available weekly. This also includes three 60 minute follow-up phone consultations and a copy of The Perfectly Trained Parrot.

Rebecca is a full-time freelance writer as well as trainer and works out of her home and a local office space where parrots are welcome. Your parrot will receive the hands-on focused attention from a professional trainer throughout the day. However, because Rebecca will be constantly with your feathered friend, she is unable to take on parrot clients who are incessant screamers. She also cannot commit to solving the complicated problem of feather plucking.

This is a unique opportunity for developing a foundation of training and good behavior. It will be up to you to maintain what is trained, but Rebecca will do her best to help you succeed and get the most out of your relationship with your parrot once it has left her care.

If you are interested in inquiring more about consultation and boarding/training you can contact Rebecca at