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Friday’s Favorite Feathers

If you love this pic as much as I do, be sure to click through and give the photog some love!!

Friday’s Favorite Feathers

YouTube –    

Friday’s Favorite Feathers

If you love this photo, be sure to click on it and tell the photog on Flickr!

60K Words on Training

I’ve agreed to write a parrot training book for TFH (Publisher of A PARROT FOR LIFE). Or rather, I said, “Yes. yes! YES!” And now I need to build an outline, train some birds, think about how I can make this the most relevant and helpful book I possibly can. I don’t stand to make […]

Friday’s Favorite Feathers

Bless!! I love these feathered Kiwi ruffians. Go Keas!!

Is it Plucking?

I get asked a lot about how to tell if your parrots are plucking. Honestly, the most common time of the year I hear this is during the molt and it’s a fair question. Sometimes it seems the feathers come out all at once. Dropping feathers is very normal and they can drop suddenly and […]

Friday’s Favorite Feathers

If you love this photo as much as I do, click on it and go give the photog some love!

Do You have a favorite local bird supply shop?

  Truth is that as convenient as Petsmart and Petco are, they don’t carry all of the things that bird lovers need. Besides supporting small business, there are a lot of good reasons to support your local bird supply store if there is one in your area. Sure you can order lots of things for […]

A Poster from the 2009 ISAZ Conference

Avoiding Parrot Relinquishment and Improving Foster Situations through Applied Behavioral Analysis

A CONTEST: An Avian Love Story

Everyone relishes a great love story, especially on Valentine’s Day. And sometimes, well, St. Valentine is for the birds! Take this story for example from the Edmonton Journal.    A retiring undertaker told a story of an 84-year-old widow who did not want to be buried in a joint plot with her husband, Rather, she wanted […]