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Happy Thanksgiving

In celebration of family stories and memories made around the table, I’m sharing an essay from “The Perfectly Trained Parrot” narrated by the amazing Xe Sands.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Santa Feathers

In the days before Christmas, the box in the room, jingled with sleigh bells and blasted holiday tunes. Through the dark hours and all through the night, colors shone through the window in bright blinking lights. And inside his cage, his head bobbing with sleep the parrot dreamed of parties and presents and colorful treats. […]

A Friend of Ty is a Friend of Mine

There’s one in every crowd, the trouble-maker, the errant sibling, the beloved nonconformist. I have one in my house too and it’s not Ty. The stalwart grey is our commentator, the snickering intellect mocking us from the corner. You get the impression that he tolerates the lot of us. And then there’s Loki. First, let […]

Muse Fail

I sat on the couch, computer in my lap, staring at Ty all night last night. I stared. Ty glared. And eventually I gave up and went to bed. No words of wisdom, revelation or levity this week. Another week. Hopefully next week. In the meantime– I thought maybe you might get some enjoyment out […]

Lift and Let it Go

Tuesdays with Ty is on hiatus this week. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Sunday’s post and the outpouring of support over on Operation Delta Duck. I woke up in that morning and found myself writing a post about the journey of getting LIFT, my memoir published and the amazingly dismal results of […]

Learning to Fly (Again)

Ty, my African grey parrot, has taken to going on walkabouts. In the “new” house with its open floor plan and circular paths we all seem to get the urge to wander. The thing is though; if I had wings I wouldn’t climb from my perch and waddle to my destination. I let Ty learn […]

Making a Meal Of It

A friend looking to take me out to eat asked me to list my least favorite cuisine. Food I don’t like? Seriously? My brain came to a grinding halt. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, wild game… I couldn’t think of anything to offer except that I was suddenly very hungry. It wasn’t always like […]


Every day I wake up and start the day with something I don’t want to do… get out of bed. It’s not a tremendous challenge, but I like the warmth and the dreams and the quiet noises of parrots waking.  It’s nice beneath the covers and I want to stay, but I get up. We […]

Vulcan Grey

I dreamt that Ty and I were talking about the mysteries of life. Or at least I was talking about them. Ty was mostly replying to my ponderings with some statement equating to “Fascinating.” I have always thought that birds held the secret to life. Now finally, after all of these years I had the […]

Earning my Wings

Dear Ty, Some days I’m not a very good parrot person. I know there are afternoons when I come home and throw myself on the couch, nary a word to parrots and curl into a ball. I know there are mornings when I sling bowls and food like it’s a chore instead of our breakfast […]