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Want to attend a training workshop with Rebecca??

Rebecca offers four- hour parrot training workshops in her studio in Grand Terrace, CA and throughout the country. These workshops are a fantastic way to get one-on-one instruction from Rebecca in an affordable and intensive setting. All workshops include a Powerpoint presentation, video clips, handouts and training demos with parrots. They are also catered to […]

Perfectly Trained Parrot

I am anxiously waiting the arrival of hard copies of my new parrot training book, The Perfectly Trained Parrot. I hear that they are in the warehouse and almost ready to ship. I hope this book is helpful to some people. I hope it is enjoyable to read. I hope I didn’t screw anything up […]

Parrot Boarding and Training Opportunities

The other day a parrot-training friend who I admire and adore asked me why we didn’t board parrots in our homes in order to give them focused training sessions and allow their owners the opportunity to maintain behaviors rather than build them from scratch. I scoffed at this idea. In fact, I think I puffed […]

An Invitation

Sometimes folks shoot me emails and ask me questions about behavior or a specific problem they are having with their parrots. I always ask if I might save the question and answer it on my blog. I haven’t always been very good about it, but I try. Honestly, my time is very limited. I have […]

You Get What You Reward

I do hope everyone is enjoying my more fanciful “Tuesdays with Ty” posts, but I realize I have been neglecting what was initially the core of this blog–   training and behavior advice. I need to get back at that as well. I love writing the little essays for Tuesday, pondering what it is that the […]


Someone asked me the other day, “Do parrots have feelings?” She apologized in case it was a dumb question, but she was curious to know. This makes a difference doesn’t it? Or does it? Of course parrots have feelings. I imagine that all animals have feelings. I simply don’t know what those feelings are at […]

Birds USA

Every year Bowtie comes out with a BirdsUSA annual. There’s always good stuff in it! Including the occasional contribution by yours truly. This year I had an article in about what you should think about training a new bird and a few things your really ought to avoid training a new bird. From the opening […]


Got a bird that hits the floor and goes for feet? Teach him to station. An easy thing to train your bird which can keep him out of all kinds of mischief is “stationing.” Training animals to station is a common husbandry technique in zoos. If you need to work with an animal that is […]

Singing in the Rain

Several days of thunderstorms have caused my bird’s waterbowls to be suspiciously empty the last few days. I suspect there’s been massive bathing parties while I’m at work, so I’ve left bathpans at the bottoms of their cages…not that they’re being used…  Apparently, there’s something irresistable about bathing in the drinking water. Even the grey, […]

A Great Reason to Towel Train

I have gotten so many great responses from this month’s issue of Bird Talk (May 2009) and my article How to be a Better Trainer with three important things to train your parrots. This is perhaps the seventh or so full length article I’ve written for the magazine, but mostly I figure no one reads […]