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This is not the falcon you’re looking for….

Some of you may be familiar with my falcon Anakin. He has been my hunting companion for 10 years and is the impetus and the center of the story in my memoir LIFT. On May 2nd Anakin escaped from the chamber he was living in while on a breeding loan.  He is a tiercel peregrine […]

Want to attend a training workshop with Rebecca??

Rebecca offers four- hour parrot training workshops in her studio in Grand Terrace, CA and throughout the country. These workshops are a fantastic way to get one-on-one instruction from Rebecca in an affordable and intensive setting. All workshops include a Powerpoint presentation, video clips, handouts and training demos with parrots. They are also catered to […]

Birds and Words

I frequently get asked about how to break into publishing about parrots. This is not an easy question to answer, but I try to when I can. I get it. My favorite writing is on the things I am most passionate about, and one of those things is birds. I’m incredibly fortunate to have been […]

Happy Thanksgiving

In celebration of family stories and memories made around the table, I’m sharing an essay from “The Perfectly Trained Parrot” narrated by the amazing Xe Sands.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Perfectly Trained Parrot is Available!

There is nothing more fun (and frightening) than having your manuscript in book form finally in your hands. I was thrilled to receive my author’s copies from TFH a couple of days ago. The book looks gorgeous and it’s so much fun to see photos of my own parrots and of friends in the book. […]

Lift: The Audiobook

YouTube –   I am consistently amazed by the opportunities the Internet is opening up for artists and entrepreneurs. Not to say we’re all getting rich… but the possibility for new endeavors, reaching more of an audience and sharing your dreams is so amazingly immense these days. It’s noisy out there, but I think perhaps […]

How Many is Too Many?

   I answered an email the other day that I thought might be helpful to share with all. What do you think? How do you decide what too many is? Dear Rebecca, What is a good retort to when people say, “You just have too many animals; you need to get rid of them.” The […]

Have you Picked up RISE Yet?! Only $.99

Some months ago I had a small melt down online about the long journey of writing and publishing Lift and considering the acclaim the little book managed to muster, dare I say, the shockingly poor sales. 411 copies it’s first year, in fact. (My expectations weren’t high, but when you consider my parrot owner’s guide, A […]

If things seems super quiet over here, it’s only because I’m buried. I haven’t forsaken my friends here on Heckled! I’ve been out doing lectures and workshops and prepping for writing a new parrot training book. (Now how did I train that again. Not like that. Right.) 🙂 I have been writing, though. I have […]

Help a Friend Have an Adventure

While I contemplate this year’s blog entries, goals, perhaps a few adventures of my own — go check out Quark’s “Blog Your Way to the North Pole” contest and vote for Patricia Sund, blogger and parroter of Parrot Nation fame! (Also Bird Talk Columnist owned by the infamous Parker & Pepper). There may not be parrots […]