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Want to attend a training workshop with Rebecca??

Rebecca offers four- hour parrot training workshops in her studio in Grand Terrace, CA and throughout the country. These workshops are a fantastic way to get one-on-one instruction from Rebecca in an affordable and intensive setting. All workshops include a Powerpoint presentation, video clips, handouts and training demos with parrots. They are also catered to […]

Parrot Boarding and Training Opportunities

The other day a parrot-training friend who I admire and adore asked me why we didn’t board parrots in our homes in order to give them focused training sessions and allow their owners the opportunity to maintain behaviors rather than build them from scratch. I scoffed at this idea. In fact, I think I puffed […]

Ode to the Least-Favorite Parrot

She was on sale for $180. She was a red-bellied parrot worth $600 at a time when I had set my sights on breeding poicephalus parrots, Senegals, red-bellieds and maybe, just maybe, a pair of Rüppell’s if I made enough money. The female red-bellieds are plain parrots, grey and petite with a shock of teal. […]

10 Facts About Owning a Pet Parrot

I’m so excited that Bird Talk and BirdsUSA is starting to offer some of my old and ever-green articles on BirdChannel! This is one of my favorites! Enjoy and stay tuned, lots of activity coming soon on Heckled! If you are looking to get a pet bird or already have one, chances are your favorite aunt […]

Throwing the Baby in the Bathwater

As I work on my new parrot training book for TFH, I find myself noticing training for better or for worse all over the Internet. The book includes trick training and training for husbandry and behavior, but I personally think the most important bits of the book are training the day-to-day. Right as I was […]

The Alien in the Room

A snippet of the parrot training book I am working on…   Imagine that your parrot is an alien dropped into your home from another world. Actually, this is pretty close to the truth. Parrots don’t have lips and cannot smile. Their strange little pupils expand and contract with their thoughts. Overall, they have strange […]

How Many is Too Many?

   I answered an email the other day that I thought might be helpful to share with all. What do you think? How do you decide what too many is? Dear Rebecca, What is a good retort to when people say, “You just have too many animals; you need to get rid of them.” The […]

OMG She Laid an EGG!

It’s been a regular avian grumpfest around here lately. The falcons are on an all-you-can-eat diet and the molting has commenced, meaning falcons who have no use for me and are nearly impossible to handle. The pigeons or making ostentatious and impossibly loud overtures to one another. Meanwhile, the parrots are touchy and feathers abound in the house. […]

Five Parrot Books that Should be on Your Shelf

These are the five books I think should be on every parrot owner’s bookshelf. Click on the titles to read a lengthier review of the books. (and to add your own review if you agree or disagree!) Parrots of the World by Joseph M. Forshaw Everyone should have a book to pull off the shelf […]

Be Kind to One Another

…People are Animals too!! Those of you who have heard me speak on parrot training, have likely heard me say this in 10 different ways in my lecture. We often forget how incredibly important it is to be considerate to the others who live with our parrots and are not necessarily parrot people. The ex-parrot […]