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Parrot Boarding and Training Opportunities

The other day a parrot-training friend who I admire and adore asked me why we didn’t board parrots in our homes in order to give them focused training sessions and allow their owners the opportunity to maintain behaviors rather than build them from scratch. I scoffed at this idea. In fact, I think I puffed […]

Throwing the Baby in the Bathwater

As I work on my new parrot training book for TFH, I find myself noticing training for better or for worse all over the Internet. The book includes trick training and training for husbandry and behavior, but I personally think the most important bits of the book are training the day-to-day. Right as I was […]

The Alien in the Room

A snippet of the parrot training book I am working on…   Imagine that your parrot is an alien dropped into your home from another world. Actually, this is pretty close to the truth. Parrots don’t have lips and cannot smile. Their strange little pupils expand and contract with their thoughts. Overall, they have strange […]

You Get What You Reward

I do hope everyone is enjoying my more fanciful “Tuesdays with Ty” posts, but I realize I have been neglecting what was initially the core of this blog–   training and behavior advice. I need to get back at that as well. I love writing the little essays for Tuesday, pondering what it is that the […]

Have you seen the Jan Issue of Bird Talk?

Check out this month’s issue of Bird Talk if you haven’t picked it up yet. It features an article on getting a “do over” when your relationship with your parrot has gone awry. It is the one thing all parrot owners dread happening. The sweet baby parrot that used to spend hours cuddling in your […]

Be Kind to One Another

…People are Animals too!! Those of you who have heard me speak on parrot training, have likely heard me say this in 10 different ways in my lecture. We often forget how incredibly important it is to be considerate to the others who live with our parrots and are not necessarily parrot people. The ex-parrot […]

It’s an Ex-Parrot

From the Contra Costa Times: Last month my boyfriend moved in and with him came his pet African Grey parrot. The bird calls his ex-girlfriend’s name all the time and says things like, “Michael, I love you” in his girlfriend’s voice. I want to kill this bird. And, now she’s asking to visit the bird. […]


I had a dream the other night…a nightmare, really, that I couldn’t take it anymore. The animals were too much.  I decided that I had to give up my African grey, Ty and my Brittany spaniel, Booth. Worse. I was desperate. I wanted them out of my life immediately. And so, I left the grey […]

The Challenges of Plucking

Of all the behaviors that parrot owners struggle with, the most frustrating and difficult to manage is plucking. All parrot species seem to be capable of resorting to this behavior, but the reasons and level of plucking vary. Some parrots over preen their primary wing feathers, some may just pluck the feathers around their legs […]


Got a bird that hits the floor and goes for feet? Teach him to station. An easy thing to train your bird which can keep him out of all kinds of mischief is “stationing.” Training animals to station is a common husbandry technique in zoos. If you need to work with an animal that is […]