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Category Archives: News from the Bottom of the Cage

Don’t We All Get Tipsy and Talk to Our Parrots?

I’m looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 for many reasons, most of them involving Robert Downey, Jr. I have to admit though, that I’m really looking forward seeing Mickey Rourke who has always been one of my faves. Spending a couple of decades getting his face busted up boxing only endeared him to me […]

Out on a Limb

  Here’s a good reason not to climb a tree after your parrot…a story from Earth Times. Well, that is, unless you are hoping for 12 fire fighters to arrive and rescue you and your African grey from dizzying heights. (Why do we always forget that birds fly, but we fall??)   Climbing the tree is rarely […]

Paleolithic Parrots

Okay, actually it’s a cretaceous parrot, but paleolithic parrot has a better ring to it. Word on the street is that a parrot-like dinosaur has been discovered in Mongolia, at least, according to the UK Telegraph. “Features of the dinosaur included a near perfect skull, strong jaw muscles and a powerful biting and crushing bill […]

Growing Up Training (An NBC Post)

I noticed this story as I was changing cage papers about  a girl who brought a horse back to the track and into the winners circle. I’ve never been much of a horse girl. I like them and think they are amazing, but I never had that little girl’s desire to be around them. I think perhaps […]

Is this YOUR Senegal? (An NBC Post)

From the Vancouver Sun “It was the tiny terror of the prehistoric world, a two-kilogram killing machine that was essentially a mini-version of the velociraptor seen in Jurassic Park. “With its razor-sharp claws and teeth, Hesperonychus was a highly successful predator of the Cretaceous period. Yet due to its diminutive size — no bigger than […]

How to Get a Street Named After You

This week’s edition of News from the Bottom of the Cage is an article from January 1st which my Senegal parrot Loki is now “reading.” A UPS man in Davis, California was/is such a nice guy the city named a street in his honor. Read the whole thing here. So how DO you get a […]

News from the Bottom of the Cage

I’ll admit it. I have a subscription to the newspaper, but I never read it. Although…never, is a strong word. I actually frequently get sucked into the newspaper when I’m lining the bird cages. (I wonder how many times this habit has made me late to work…) In fact, I think my parrots are used […]