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Parrot Boarding and Training Opportunities

The other day a parrot-training friend who I admire and adore asked me why we didn’t board parrots in our homes in order to give them focused training sessions and allow their owners the opportunity to maintain behaviors rather than build them from scratch. I scoffed at this idea. In fact, I think I puffed […]

Click to Feed the Birds

I got a request I thought I would share: Hi Rebecca: There is an amazing parrot rescue facility on Vancouver Island, BC called the “World Parrot Refuge.”  They provide a home for life for unwanted, abused, neglected, and sick parrots and they turn none away! Presently there are over 800 parrots there from across Canada […]

Friday’s Favorite Feathers

YouTube –   Move over, Bacon!

OMG She Laid an EGG!

It’s been a regular avian grumpfest around here lately. The falcons are on an all-you-can-eat diet and the molting has commenced, meaning falcons who have no use for me and are nearly impossible to handle. The pigeons or making ostentatious and impossibly loud overtures to one another. Meanwhile, the parrots are touchy and feathers abound in the house. […]

Love and Germs

A rather interesting (if not disturbing) blog post at the Worms & Germs blog describes an article in the Journal of Avian Pathology regarding tuberculosis transmission from pet owner to parrot. Is this something you should worry about?  Yes! Well, maybe. It depends on if you pre-chew food for your parrot. I have yet to run […]

Why parrots eating chicken isn’t cannibalism

Do you have stupid pet peeves? I have many and don’t admit to most, but today I’m going to share one with you that absolutely drives me nuts. Perhaps its because I’ve written five young-adult reference books and have had to learn a lot of taxonomy. (Try learning all the species of endangered owls and […]