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Parrot Boarding and Training Opportunities

The other day a parrot-training friend who I admire and adore asked me why we didn’t board parrots in our homes in order to give them focused training sessions and allow their owners the opportunity to maintain behaviors rather than build them from scratch. I scoffed at this idea. In fact, I think I puffed […]

Toy Making Party

  Making your own toys can be a lot of fun and save you tons of money.   These are some parts from Rose’s Pet Emporium                 Sunday morning is my favorite time to make toys. A cup of coffee, a power drill, what morning could a girl […]

Mixed Up

I was recently asked what to do when living with a mixed flock and wanting your birds to interact. There is no simple answer to this, because all species interact differently and your birds will have their own group dynamics that you need to read yourself, but here’s a couple of things to consider. The […]

‘Tis the Season – Spring and the Mature Parrot

If your parrot is one of those species that breeds in the spring, you might be dealing with some behaviors that are less than desirable lately. I seem to be getting more requests than usual for ideas on managing broody and suddenly territorial parrots. A bird that a chosen a mate in the household and […]

Reading Outloud is for the Birds

Children in a school in Los Gatos, California read to an African grey parrot in order to gain confidence in their reading skills. Starbuck, the parrot of a parent volunteer probably really enjoys it to. Looks like the little Timneh is pretty into it! I completely understand. Although I’m way to old to be concerned […]

Some Thoughts for the New Year

Make your pets a part of a better year. A few thoughts from Mind Body Smile. Your pets in the New Year, getting more grins There’s no doubt about it, the New Year promises potential added stress for all. There is already plenty of swirling doubts and worries in the outside world, so why not […]

Another Smart Amazon Parrot

Not to be outdone, my pal Matt Edmonds shows off with his Amazon parrot, Moby! YouTube –   FIRE!!! Matt and I just saw each other for the first time in about 8 years, volunteering our time teaching at The Gabriel Foundation Behavior and Learning Workshop for Professionals. We were too busy to watch each other train […]

From Opera to Rap to Americana: Amazons Sing!

I’ve always loved working with Amazons. I’m a Grey Girl at my core, of course. The reserved and serious demeanor of my thinking parrot suits me better than the party parrots — dancers like cockatoos or singers like Amazons. Still, nothing steals a scene like a crowd pleasing Amazon. If I had more cocktail parties in […]

Parrot with A Cool Job

Little boys all over the world want to grow up to be magicians. Maybe they need to take lessons from Luigi “the psychic parrot” He’s the most famous parrot in the world of magic. From the OC Register: HOLLYWOOD It is a packed house in the Palace of Mystery at Hollywood’s Magic Castle – the […]