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This is not the falcon you’re looking for….

Some of you may be familiar with my falcon Anakin. He has been my hunting companion for 10 years and is the impetus and the center of the story in my memoir LIFT. On May 2nd Anakin escaped from the chamber he was living in while on a breeding loan.  He is a tiercel peregrine […]

You Get What You Reward

I do hope everyone is enjoying my more fanciful “Tuesdays with Ty” posts, but I realize I have been neglecting what was initially the core of this blog–   training and behavior advice. I need to get back at that as well. I love writing the little essays for Tuesday, pondering what it is that the […]

The Queens’ Lory

The Rimatara lorikeet in French Polynesia has a wonderful conservation story So many species of lory are endemic to tiny islands and even if locally abundant always stand the possibility of being wiped out with one fell swoop. The Kuhl’s or Rimatara is one of these species. And an amazingly beautiful one too. About 100 […]

Mixed Up

I was recently asked what to do when living with a mixed flock and wanting your birds to interact. There is no simple answer to this, because all species interact differently and your birds will have their own group dynamics that you need to read yourself, but here’s a couple of things to consider. The […]

‘Tis the Season – Spring and the Mature Parrot

If your parrot is one of those species that breeds in the spring, you might be dealing with some behaviors that are less than desirable lately. I seem to be getting more requests than usual for ideas on managing broody and suddenly territorial parrots. A bird that a chosen a mate in the household and […]

What Parrots Teach Us

I’m sure most of you by now have read this great story about the fire fighter whose parrots helped him regain his speech.  Brian Wilson had a horrendous accident in 1995 that left him paralized and unable to speak. His family was told there was little hope of him living unassisted or ever being able […]

Out on a Limb with a Parrot

From South Africa:      Paramedics and eThekwini Metro firefighters rushed to the rescue of an unusual damsel in distress stuck in a tree in Summerveld, Shongweni, on Monday afternoon.      ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said the 16-year-old girl had been chasing her parrot which flitted from tree to tree. Banks said the girl scaled a large […]

Toddler Heckled by Parrot

Start ’em young!   YouTube –  

Parrot Fumbles Football Game

I’m not one of those people who take their parrots with them everywhere. I’m certainly not opposed to it. You end up with a well-socialized bird that gets tons of your attention. However, this family in the UK learned the hard way that there are certain places where your parrot might be a wee bit […]

Top Five Things Your Parrot SHOULDN’T Say

5. Come In Many of us have already discovered this the hard way, but when someone knocks on the door, go through the trouble of walking over and opening it. Even if you know who’s there, don’t call out an invitation to open the door. Otherwise you may come out of the shower one afternoon […]