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Examining, Surviving and Loving life with Parrots

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If you are looking for signed books directly from Rebecca, here is  a price list of what is currently available. You can make inquiries or send Paypal payments to Rebecca@blueskywriting.com. Prices are for books shipped in the US. Please check for additional costs to ship internationally. 


FrontCover copy


The Perfectly Trained Parrot,

an extensive training guide,

TFH Publications

(SOLD OUT)  $20




Lories and Lorikeets,

A guide to owning and caring for lories,

TFH Publications.





Lift: A Falconry Memoir,

an exploration of the first season training a peregrine falcon,

Red Hen Press.




Finches, A guide to owning and caring for finches, TFH Publications/Animal Planet $10

A Parrot for LifeAn instructional book for keeping pet parrots healthy and happy, TFH Publications. (Out of print hardcover. Only 5 Copies Available) $20

Falcon’s Return, a romance novel, Avalon Books,  (Out of Print Hardcover, Only 5 Copies Available.)  $15