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Friday’s Favorite Feathers

Galah Drops in for a Drink

Galah Drops in for a Drink by Degilbo

If you love this picture as much as I do, be sure to click through to Flickr and give the photog some love.


  1. Is this a real bird? The lighting makes it look artificial!

  2. Lance aka Degilbo says:

    Thanks, Rebecca, for featuring my galah image on your blog – really appreciated!
    Yes, Svenning, it is a “real” bird :-). The Pink Galahs, along with Rainbow Lorikeets and pigeons frequent our backyard everyday – usually early morning and late afternoon when I put seed out. This one was taken looking almost into the sun, hence the illuminated feathers. The galahs always spread their wings upon landing – anywhere. It is a brief movement and difficult to capture. Have a look at my Flickr photostream for hundreds more bird images, the majority taken in our backyard here in Brisbane, Queensland: