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Have you Picked up RISE Yet?! Only $.99


Some months ago I had a small melt down online about the long journey of writing and publishing Lift and considering the acclaim the little book managed to muster, dare I say, the shockingly poor sales. 411 copies it’s first year, in fact. (My expectations weren’t high, but when you consider my parrot owner’s guide, A Parrot for Life has sold about 8,000 copies, this seemed especially dismal.) I only meant to shake off a little pain and frustration and move on.

I am still utterly amazed how many hits the page gets and deeply grateful for all of the support and kindness that welled up from readers of that post. My mighty 411 are fierce and wonderful and I love you. In fact my eBook, Rise: A collection of  writings imspired by Lift –is for you. Here is the description:

In celebration of the Kindle version release of LIFT, an award-winning falconry memoir, author Rebecca K. O’Connor shares a complementary collection of essays, short stories and poetry that further examines life in the shadow of a raptor’s wings.

LIFT, Rebecca K. O’Connor’s arresting memoir of love, loss, relationships and one impossible peregrine falcon is further illuminated with this collection of writings on the world of falconry. The opening short story, “A Good Falconer Lets Go,” about a teenage boy and his red-tailed hawk is a classic coming-of-age tale with a falconry twist. If you are a dog lover, “Heart to Tear” and “About a Dog”, essays which read like O’Connor’s love songs to the dogs of falconry will resonate with you, if not evoke a few tears. In short essays such as “The Knife” and “Storytelling” O’Connor explores early moments in falconry in the icy-clear voice readers grew to love in LIFT. The collection also includes a glossary on falconry and a bonus excerpt of her novel in progress, a post-apocalyptic wilderness adventure. If you have read LIFT and loved it, this short collection will add to your experience. If you’ve yet to read O’Connor’s writing, RISE may encourage you to read more.

Sound interesting? You can buy it for .99 in the US here on Amazon. Or if you’re in the UK get it for £0.70 here. And if you don’t have a Kindle you can download it in just about any format– for Nook, HTML, PDF, ePub ect. on Smashwords for .99.

But WAIT! Did you read Lift? Then Rise is my gift to you. You can download it for free on Smashwords.  Email LiftandRise@gmail.com -prove you’ve read Lift and riddle me this:

What is the name of the ranch near Palm Springs where Rebecca and Anakin met and hunted with Butch, the old cowhand and where later Rebecca took her mother out to hunt? — Need a hint? It’s a color + a fluid and it’s only one word.

Please share this post. I hope you will go grab a copy. And if you haven’t read Lift and would like to join my army of 411 (Okay, there are a few more of you now, but you will always be affectionately 411, to me) you can also now officially get Lift for Kindle here and in the UK.


  1. Ryan says:

    Well if ya think about it, 411 is around 10% of all the falconers in the United States. I would say that is pretty good. I have to admit I haven’t read it yet, but in my defense I haven’t read anything outside of scientific stuff in a while. It’s still on my list and I’ll pick it up soon. 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ryan, then you would surprised to know that the vast majority of people who have bought LIFT are actually NOT falconers. But then, LIFT is not a book about falconry… falconry just happens to be the metaphor. 🙂