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60K Words on Training



I’ve agreed to write a parrot training book for TFH (Publisher of A PARROT FOR LIFE). Or rather, I said, “Yes. yes! YES!” And now I need to build an outline, train some birds, think about how I can make this the most relevant and helpful book I possibly can. I don’t stand to make a fortune off it, mind you, but I want it to be something everyone can use. This is my free-time, my passion.

So locally I’m setting up some workshops. I’m writing some articles for Bird Talk. I’m taking some photos and here on the blog, I’m hoping to try out some of my thoughts and challenges on you. I hope you’ll chime in. I  hope you’ll let me know what you wish you could read and re-read –written in a book, what you would want in a workshop, what makes absolutely no sense to you and when you have an “ah-ha” moment.

I know I also have friends very well versed in training who visit this blog. Challenge me. Tell me what I say that is wrong or vague. And if you like to write– write a better book than me. Or a different book. Everyone learns differently, through a different lens. What we need is the same ABA concepts addressed in as many ways as possible. What we need is to help everyone live with their parrot, happily. More books = better.

So stayed tuned. More “Tuesday’s with Ty”, I promise. But there’s a lot of training stuff coming from now until July.


  1. Janine says:

    I’ll look forward to it! Thanks.

  2. Jess says:

    Yay! I’m excited about this :). I, for one, had a hard time finding information on training fearful birds that respond with flight instead of fight – I wasn’t willing to severely clip his wings, towel him, or give up and breed him (um… NO), but good information on other options was pretty hard to find.

  3. Fantastic! Really looking forward to this, and we’ll tell all our friends!