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Do You have a favorite local bird supply shop?


Where do you shop?

Where do you shop?

Truth is that as convenient as Petsmart and Petco are, they don’t carry all of the things that bird lovers need. Besides supporting small business, there are a lot of good reasons to support your local bird supply store if there is one in your area. Sure you can order lots of things for your bird online, but the shipping adds up!

Places like The Bird Shop in Sacramento carry a variety of nuts readily availbale all year, pelleted diets by all the major and speciality companies as well as less expensive toys and a better variety of them. You can also shop for cages, supplements, perches as well as books and magazines.

Even better, you can find out what’s going in the parrot community locally of just hang out and talk parrots with folks who are not going to roll their eyes at you and walk away.

Where is your favorite place to shop for parrot supplies?

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  1. Heather says:

    We shop at Tree Top Bird Center on the border of Dallas/Richardson, Texas. The have everything!

  2. David says:

    We love Omar’s Exotic Birds (http://www.omarsexoticbirds.com/) in Brea and Lake Forest in Southern California. In addition to getting our supplies, we also board our two parrots there when we go out of town. They’re very helpful, and Omar is very knowledgeable about parrots and parrot behavior.

  3. Bird Crazy in San Diego!!

  4. Purdey says:

    In Australia we have either http://www.myparrotshop.com.au or http://www.parrotrescuecentre.com – I wish there was more selection!

  5. Parrot Toys says:

    We Shop @ Discount Pet In Livonia MI. They are the only local bird and parrot specialty store in the area.

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